Friday, May 31, 2013

Dancing at Type M

We're rejoicing at Type M. Serious dancing here. This week we hit the 200,000 viewer mark. Surprisingly, 7,000 are in Russia. We could not have done this without our many loyal followers. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

A large number of blogs are abandoned. Very few viewers comment on blogs, so it's easy to assume no one reads them either. If you are thinking about creating a new blog, or would like to re-do an existing one, I have some ideas. Needless to say these opinions are not necessarily shared by my wonderful talented blogmates. These are my own suggestions and prejudices from reading a fair amount of blogs.

1.  Keep it short. No matter compelling the subject or skillful the writer, I do not have time to read lengthy blogs. Oh, I plan to--when I have the time. In fact, a number land on my "favorites" list to read later. But that never happens.

2. Who are you? This goes deep to the wretched psyche of writers. We are very private persons. Not outgoing, but not shy. It's just that we are basically loners. Secretive sometimes, even a little sly. Not given to sharing. So what do we do? We choose the most expository, self-revealing medium in the world. We write novels. So go figure. There has to be some element of self-exposure in a blog. Readers like to know more about the authors of their favorite books.

3. Watch it, baby. If you are not politically correct by nature, or a moderately decent person, read books on how to conduct yourself and then try to apply the concepts. Social media is a two-edged sword. You have every right to your political views, but remember, in the limited space of blog, you can be misunderstood. Last year, I paid and paid and paid for a stupid careless political remark. So why would someone who feels differently want to buy my books?

4. Take pictures. Modern digital cameras make it so easy. There are all kinds of sites for uploading. . Pick one and learn all you can about using it well. Pictures that support a photo essay will catch the viewer's eye. Include settings that serve as the background of your books.

5. Consider a mixed gender blog. It's hard to fight stereotypes! Even though it's not true, many viewers associate "women writers" with cozies, and men as creators of  "mean streets" and Mickey Spillane hard-boiled types. Mixed gender blogs seem to last longer.

6. Support your blogmates. Read their blogs. Comment on their posts. Tweet and recommend their posts on FB. Read their books and then recommend them to your friends. Many companies are hiring social media experts. Take the time to gain some expertise so you can get back to your novel.

Let me know which (if any) of these ideas resonate with you.


Frankie Y. Bailey said...

Take pictures. Yes, I should go take some photos of the settings in my new book and get them up. I have been planning a photo essay, even bought a new camera. Thanks for reminding me.

Rick Blechta said...

I read the title as "Dancing on Type M"! This immediately conjured up a number of scenarios that I really didn't know if I could face. Glad to see I was wrong about the title!