Friday, May 17, 2013

Post Malice

This is my first post after attending Malice Domestic in Bethesda. I met some wonderful people. However, there was a whirlwind feeling to this event. I roomed with Type M's own Donis Casey. She, too, publishes with Poisoned Pen Press. We arrived late Friday evening and got in on the tail end of the PPP gathering.

I approach conferences with a spirit of happy expectation. I've been to a number now. Each time there are surprises. I was delighted to meet Ellen Larson, the exuberant new editor of the presses' new young adult mystery line, Poisoned Pencil. I can't think of anything more exciting than to be present at the launch of this new venture. Let your friends know Poisoned Pencil is looking for books. Guidelines are on the Poisoned Pen website.

As an example of the need to stay open at these events, my slot on the program was a presentation for Publisher's Alley. Mine was poorly attended! In fact, most of them were. I talked about important steps to publication. However, when I called for questions, a lady in the back of the room asked if she could have a five minute interview with me afterwards. I assumed she wanted information on how to publish her book.

As it turned out, she was filming interviews for different publications. She planned to post ours on YouTube. She had a camera room all set up and prepared me for some of the questions she would ask. She intends to edit the tape, which is blessing. But my point is, it was an unexpected opportunity. A gift! Out of nowhere. That's the joy of conferences. At Left Coast Crime a couple of years ago, I met a number of my beloved Type M'ers--and was made a honorary Canadian and invited to join this blog shortly thereafter. A gift! Out of nowhere.

Another gift was making the acquaintance of Clea Simon. Our conversations had the feel of a lasting friendship.

Now to the disappointments. I saw Frankie Bailey in passing, waved to Sandra Parshall. Met Hannah Dennison long enough to say hello before Carolyn Hart whisked her and Donis off to dinner. Barbara Frandkin, and Vicki Delany, and I managed to say a breathless "hello, how are you?" I would have loved to spend more time with them all.

Malice was great. But, then, so many conferences are.

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