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Guest Blogger Kate Mathis

Type M 4 Murder is thrilled to welcome guest blogger Kate Mathis. Kate is an Arizona native and a graduate from the University of Arizona. She began writing her first novel, Living Lies, in 2003 and has never looked back. She's the author of two series. Moon Over Monsters, a young adult fantasy for kids of all ages, and the Agent Melanie Ward Novels with the fourth book, CHASE, set for release August of this year. In May of 2012 Living Lies was ranked number one on Amazon's Spy Stories & Tales of Intrigue.

Kate loves finding extra money in pockets - usually her own. She skydives, surfs and enjoys base jumping. In her imagination she can do all three. Kate is a champion for domesticated wildlife, graciously sharing her home with four large dogs. And Kate never, ever texts while driving.

“Sounds like a pick-up line.” Those were the sound words of my husband after hearing my idea. Sound words that, of course, I ignored.

As a writer it is very rare to run into one of your characters in the flesh. It has only happened to me that one time, and I have to say, I took full advantage of the situation and will never forget it.

We were at a benefit function, when he first walked in. He wasn’t an exact replica of Adam, but there was something and that was enough, I was hooked. I had to find out who this stranger was. So, I did what any mystery writer would do … I put myself in the story. What I learned that evening is that being a good spy is much more difficult in practice – attempting to get a look at his tiny nametag, I would go left and he inevitably turned right. It was pitiful.

After the award had been given, the speeches had been made and I still had no idea who this man was, I decided that I was simply going to introduce myself.

I could have given into my cowardice, but there he was, brown leather jacket, rectangular silver framed glasses, dark wavy hair … how could I turn chicken and miss the opportunity? Couldn’t.

So, I walked up to him and said "Hi, I'm Kate Mathis. I’m an author and you remind me of one of my characters." Before I'd even finished my sentence I knew It WAS A Pick-Up Line!

It wasn’t just what he said, though that was bad enough … "Pray tell who is this person?" … it was also the glint in his eye.

I laughed, nervously and told him the truth, “he’s an assassin.” And then I ran.

Can you imagine what that poor man must have thought? I still laugh when I think about it. I hope he took it as a compliment – you remind me of an assassin.

Would I cast him for the movie role? Definitely!

I have a strange job. I live inside my head, bringing characters to life, killing some off and causing havoc and love. Usually my kitchen counter substitutes as my desk and I hear voices.

The goal is to get better with each book; to write with clarity, to tell an interesting story with real people and entertain for the 300+ pages. I take it seriously and hope readers think about Melanie, Adam and Trish after “The End” of each book. The goal is to make readers crave the next installment. Each book, I strive to learn from past mistakes, to improve, to entertain with a smooth flair.

But it is the business of writing that is tedious. The writing is just the first tiny step. Then it’s the marketing and promoting, the selling and sometimes I forget how much I love to write.

I’m at the end of my fourth book of the Agent Melanie Ward novels, CHASE. I did something different with this book. I changed my protagonist. I know! I’ve been giddy since I was first struck with the lightning bolt – I’m hoping other authors understand my enthusiasm. It is exciting and eye opening to watch Melanie perform from an outside perspective. I can’t wait to share the thrill with readers.

Look for CHASE, Book 4 of the Agent Melanie Ward novels summer 2013.

Love All,

Love you too, Kate.  Visit Kate's website at


Charlotte Hinger said...

Kate, your series sounds intriguing. There's just something about a handsome assassin.

Donis Casey said...

You have the greatest covers, as well!