Friday, November 29, 2013

A Tale of Two Tours

Last month I went back to Kansas. I had four signings. One of the funniest was in Hoxie, where I lived for twenty-five years. My previous signing at Oscar's was a gigantic success. This year only about five people came. No one was left in this little town of around 1000 because the girl's high school volley ball team got to go to state and every just left to support the team. Nevertheless, I sold 17 books. Folks just left money and instructions for the autographing.

Tuesday I had a signing at the Pensacola Public Library. The timing was horrible. It was right before Thanksgiving and in the morning to boot. Quite a few people came anyway, They were a very enthusiastic audience, but no one bought any books except my niece. Why? Don't know. That's the way it goes with signings. But I've heard you reach seven people with every book you sell.

Signings are very, very unpredictable. Pensacola, Florida has around 300,000 population. Logically, it's easier to sell more books in a larger town, but it doesn't always work that way. However, I met some wonderful people at the library and was certainly pleased that the librarian plans to order all of my audio books.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. A number of family members were at the gathering. It was a very joyful occasion this year. My nephew and his wife, Charles and Brenda Mader, were outstanding hosts.

Our family had much to be thankful for. On a personal level, it's been a wonderful year. I'm back in Colorado as I write this, just hoping this post will be on time.

 One of my biggest blessings is all the friends I make in the writing world.

Type M'ers are very dear to me. What a great group of writers.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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