Friday, November 15, 2013

Wanted: Book Sale Bouncers

Hoodlums showed up this at the Loveland Friends of the Library book sale this year. They scared the members. Oh they weren't armed robbers, but they were a new variation of ugly. Groups of people  surrounded the display tables and scooped up all the books and hauled them off into a corner. Then they scanned the titles and checked to see what their resale value would be on various internet sites.

Our twice yearly book sale is a huge,  much anticipated event run by many volunteers. Books are scanned over a six month period and classified by genre and author and given bar codes. It's an on-going process of sorting, boxing, and transporting.

The sale lasts three days. The first day is members only. They get first shot at the books.
Since out titles are marked at $2.00 for a hardcover and .50 for a softcover, the thugs could see at once which ones would make the most profit. They didn't steal the books. They paid for them after they seized the winners.

It was the sheer rudeness that shocked and dismayed the customers. They were literally shoved aside. Workers were furious over piles of books dumped back on the tables they had worked hard to arrange.

Even more worrisome were the people who left because they felt threatened. This is a much-anticipated community event and the library's biggest fund-raiser.

The books, CDs, DVDs and audio books first arrive in the drop-off box at the book sorting place. The donations come from individuals, as well as from garage and estate sales, moves and downsizing, bookstore overstock and withdrawals from the Loveland Public Library. There are usually 55,000 to 60,000 items for sale. The sales bring in an incredible amount of money: $25,000-$28,000.

After those who were in charge realized what was going on, the troublemakers were escorted out. But I'm sure the organizers  didn't want to become bouncers at a community event. Most of us don't relish this role.


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