Monday, January 13, 2014

Big Decision

I've got a big decision to make.

At this time of year when the sky never seems to be anything but grey, 'than longen folk to goon on pilgrimages,' as Chaucer sagely observed.  It's the pilgrimage I'm thinking of taking towards the end of this year .that's the big decision I have to take.

This year for the first time nearly all of my books will be available as e books in the United States - the first six DI Marjory Fleming novels with HarperCollins Witness, the last two with Allison and Busby and two stand-alones which haven't been in print for a good few years now with Endeavour.

I know from my emails that even now I have readers in North America.  I've met some of you at British crime festivals, like Scotland's brilliant Bloody Scotland and I would love to see more of you on your own home ground.

The Bouchercon takes place in Longbeach, California towards the end of October and I'm thinking about coming over for that.  The slight drawback is that Longbeach is really quite a long way from Edinburgh - 5158 miles, in fact, according to Google.

There are other incentives, of course.  I love California, from my visits as a student when I arrived from New York on a Greyhound bus with feet so swollen that I had cankles,  and I want to take my husband to see the glorious Pacific coastline.  I didn't make it to the Grand Canyon last time and have always wanted to walk out on that glass bridge over a sheer drop despite the fact that I'll probably panic when I try.  And anyway, I just love America - the scenery's fantastic and the people are great.

But will the Bouchercon be worth traveling halfway across the world for?  I need your advice - do lots of you go, as readers or as writers, so that I can hope to find a few friendly faces, or is it so huge and impersonal I would just wander around feeling like a lost soul?

Advice, PLEASE!

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