Tuesday, January 07, 2014

The State of the Blog Address: 2014

Type M for Murder has now been around for six and a half years. I had to double-check that as I started writing my first post of the new year. Really? It’s been that long? I next thought that, as the only member of our merry band who has been here all the way through, it would be fun to see how many posts I’ve written for Type M. Unfortunately, that’s not so easy. If I had never missed a post, it would be 338 of ’em, but alas, I have missed a number over the years. So let’s just say it’s somewhere around 300.

That’s a lot. That’s like a novel’s worth of a lot. Too bad my posts didn’t have some overarching plot, a few memorable characters, an enticing locale. I might have been able to sell the fruits of my labours for a little filthy lucre, perhaps gotten a movie deal, at least been able to go out on the lecture circuit (You Too Can Spend Hours of Your Life Writing Blog Posts).

So just where are we? Well, we’ve currently got a pretty terrific lineup of very diverse writers (although all of the crime variety) with their own unique voices. We have 92 members (and please consider becoming one!), people who enjoy dropping by consistently for a look. We are attracting an average of 9000 or so pageviews a month, with over 260,000 visits since we started, and our comment section sometimes gets a mite “lively” – which is a very good thing in my opinion. We all love hearing from the people for whom we’re toiling. This year we’re going to easily pass 300,000 visits and 2000 posts. Those are pretty big milestones for our humble blog.

Speaking as someone, actually the only one, who still posts every week, it sometimes gets a bit onerous to “see my duty done”, but then I’ll almost always get a comment here or on Facebook that makes my contributions all worthwhile. Thank you for that.

And thanks to all you loyal readers for making Type M the wonderful thing it is. I hope our posts continue to entice you into stopping by. Please take the time to comment, too. Dialogue is a wonderful thing, and we’re very interested in what everyone thinks. It often leads to further posts, and that too is good.

And speaking of entertainment, as you noticed from the image above, I’ve found something really quite fabulous: a collection of really bad covers for classic novels. I have to admit that I actually laughed out loud at one or two of them. Being the self-appointed “expert” here on the subject of book cover design, I simply had to share it with you all. Hopefully, it will make your day – as it did mine. And it’s nice to know that big-name authors also get saddled with really terrible cover art.

All the best to all of you in 2014. May the year bring you all that you want. (In the case of Toronto that means seeing the last of Mayor Rob Ford!)


Anonymous said...

If I had kept my original blog, It would be 5 years old this summer. I wish I had. Congrats on 6 1/2 years...that some staying power. :) Though I only found Type M last year, I check in several times a week because you all rock and I always learn something.

Rick Blechta said...

Why thank you! I'm so pleased you're enjoying it.