Monday, March 17, 2014

Making a Life

By Vicki Delany

Dateline: Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

As my friend and fellow writer Jeffrey Siger has said, writing is a lousy way to make a living but a great way to make a life.

Case in point, I am sitting on the veranda of a luxurious home in Port-Au-Prince as I write this. My house sitter reports that back home in Ontario, we had a ton more snow and more deep cold.

Last week I was in Florida for the Lake County Book Fest with Canadian authors C.B. Forrest and R.J. Harlick.

We were hosted by the Lake County Library system and the wonderful Judy Buckland. Judy and her team put on a week of fabulous author events, including readings, talks, and workshops, ending in a lovely reception at which we got to meet members of the community.

I have said many times that the thing I value most in the writing life is the friends I've made, and as well as our various events, Robin, Chris and I had a great time exploring Central Florida. And we made new friends – WIN/WIN!

Then, we parted ways and I came on to Haiti to visit a friend. This is my first visit here, and I will have more to report later.

The thing that really surprised me was how hilly it is! I mean I knew Haiti was mountainous, but I didn't realize that the city of Port-Au-Prince is built right into the mountainside. We set off yesterday from my friends house to explore. We left her house close to sea level at 33 degrees C and travelled to 1500 feet and 19 degrees. We stopped in to say hi to friends at the 1500 feet mark, and they have a wood burning fireplace in their house! And, we didn't even continue to the top.

If you've ever been to third world countries, you know what the driving can be like. Now imagine doing it vertically.

While I am here, I will be speaking to a book club, giving a workshop to a high-school, and doing tons of research for the next Sergeant Ray Robertson book from Orca Rapid Reads (to follow Juba Good, out April 1st). Oh, yes, and swimming and lying in the sun.

It's a heck of a way to make a life.

Sorry there are no pictures. I cannot make my iPad add pictures to the blog post. I'll keep trying!

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Charlotte Hinger said...

Vicki, some of my favorite posts are the "how I do it" ones. I would love to know more about your methods. Especially this one--do you hole up when you write a novel and do that exclusively or write a certain amount every day?