Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Girls on Tour!

When I first embarked on my writing journey, one of the last things I ever expected was to make the most wonderful friends.

At this very minute I am feverishly writing this post from a Holiday Inn Express in Apex, North Carolina where I am sharing a room with fellow scribes Kate Carlisle and Maggie Barbieri. Fortunately, none of us snore—or maybe I do and my friends are far too polite to comment.

We arrived last Friday and leave late tonight after five days of non-stop book signings, library events and other guest appearances throughout North Carolina, all beautifully coordinated by the amazing Molly Weston. Her "magical mystery" tours are famous—as Vicki Delaney well knows!

We've enjoyed true southern hospitality in every way—I'm so grateful to whomever invented elasticated waistbands—and Molly has been so generous, driving us around this beautiful part of the USA.

Kate, Me, Maggie
Most of all, it's the fun we've had together—although I have noticed that our fellow travelers at this current establishment have regarded us with suspicion. Possibly because they've overheard our conversations about various forms of disposing a body—Maggie's description of dismemberment over breakfast was particularly vivid yesterday morning.

And now, I must make my move. With three women and one bathroom it’s my turn to go first. We've got an action-packed day ahead ... as my former spinning instructor (in the days when I was fit and fabulous) would say, “Let's go and make a memory!”

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Donis Casey said...

Oh, I am so jealous. I wish I were along for the ride.

Eileen Goudge said...

I hosted a beach weekend with my author pals in February. We had an absolute blast! We sunned on the deck, walked on the beach, drank wine, got silly and confessed our darkest secrets along with our trade secrets. We call ourselves the Beach Babes. I don't know what I'd do with out my incredible support system.