Monday, September 01, 2014

Tasting Tomatoes to Mark the End of Summer

By Vicki Delany

That didn’t last long. Is summer over already? Here in Southern Ontario we didn’t even seem to have one.  There wasn’t a day over 30 degrees, it seemed to rain every day, and when it wasn’t raining the clouds were low and the wind strong.

A lot of people were delighted to not to have the heat and humidity that we’re used to here, but not me. I like my summers HOT and my winters COLD.

But, no one asked me to help plan the summer weather, so it was what it was.

But it summer ended well with two great days at Vicki’s Veggies Heirloom Hurrah.  

Vicki ready for the buying frenzy

Setting up

My 2012 novel, MORE THAN SORROW, is a modern Gothic thriller set on a small-scale vegetable farm in Prince Edward County, Ontario in 1783 and 2012.  The main character, Hannah Manning, is an internationally renowned journalist who has been injured in an IED explosion in Afghanistan. Suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury she comes to live on her sister’s farm.  There she meets an Afghan refugee and, down in the dark, dank root cellar, sees visions of the original inhabitant of the property, a refugee from the American revolution.
Don't we all

In doing the research for the book, I spent a day at Vicki’s Veggies farm, learning all about running a small-scale, organic vegetable farm.

Some of the choices
I don’t normally do craft fairs or similar things, because I am a writer not a bookseller, but this weekend is special for me.

A particularly good one
I set up my table at the tomato tasting day, among the 109 varieties of tomatoes, the food trucks (yummy), and various local food-product vendors, because visitors to the farm love knowing that my book is set RIGHT HERE!
After eating, time for buying!

My lunch, day one. Sausage sandwich from Angelo's

My lunch day 2, Vicki's incomparable bread salad

I sold out of MORE THAN SORROW on Saturday. Had to rush to the bookstore to get the last two copies they had in stock to have something to display on Sunday morning.  When those went I still had a good day, talking to people about the book and showing them what else I have to offer.

It was a great two days – except for the rain on Sunday morning, necessitating a mad scramble to get all my books under the table!

Want to know more about More than Sorrow? Here's a handy link.  

Tomato Goddess herself, Vicki Emlaw


Sybil Johnson said...

Looks like fun. 30 celsius is like 86 fahrenheit, right? That seems warm to me. I take it you like it really, really warm?

Vicki Delany said...

Really, really! Of course I live in the country, not in a stifling hot city, and I have a swimming pool.

Eileen Goudge said...

Love the heart-shaped tomatoes. I guess that's why they're called love apples.