Friday, October 03, 2014

An Unacceptable Blog

Please. There is a word I never want to hear again. It's "unacceptable." I mean the word itself. "Unacceptable" is a weak, timid, exhausted word that is invariably used incorrectly. It should refer to unpleasant, offensive behavior and that which "simply will not do, my dear."

When a young bride neglects to send thank you notes, her behavior is unacceptable. Farting in public, is unacceptable. Neglecting to make proper introductions is unacceptable. So is using a cell phone during a public event.

Beheading people is not "unacceptable." It's a horrific act that disregards the impact on grieving families and the inflammatory effect on nations that respect human life.

Kidnapping and raping children is not "unacceptable." It's an atrocious despicable act that not only destroy precious souls, it send whole nations reeling into despair.

Destroying a nation's art and cultural archives is not "unacceptable." It is blatant disregard for precious collections that symbolize the collective myths of a country's heritage.

When the Secret Service fails in it's mission to protect the first family it's more than "unacceptable." It demonstrates an appalling failure of competence and a casual sense of duty.

I'm for using accurate labels. Not to do so waters down the significance of vicious activities with horrendous consequences.

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