Sunday, October 12, 2014

Oops! It's me...

I just checked in with Type M to read the guest post for the weekend – since they’re generally pretty good – and found…nothing. Okay, I thought, who’s fallen down on the job this time? Got out the guest posting rota and guess what? It was me. When we changed things up a few months ago, I neglected to update iCal. Boy! Is my face red now.

So, since I have no one to share pearls of publishing wisdom with you, I’ll at least supply you writing and reading types with (hopefully) a few laughs.

And for the Canadians out in the audience, Happy Thanksgiving to you! And if your last name is Columbus, enjoy your day.

And for those of a certain age and musical genre:

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Anonymous said...

The analogies are hysterical! Thanks for the laugh.