Friday, December 26, 2014

Really, Really Merry Christmas

What a wonderful and unusually blessed year. It was full of happy endings and middles and beginnings. My granddaughter, Dana Flink, graduated cum laude from Colorado State University with a degree in literature. We are so proud of her!

We had an outstanding midsummer Hinger cousin reunion. It was huge and all the in-laws made a superb effort to attend despite the distance and expense. We were overjoyed to see more musicians toting in their instruments or adding their voices to the vocals. Who knew? We had never met some of them before.

I'm very blessed to have a large extended family both by marriage and within of my own side of the family. No wonder I have a large amount of subject material for the Lottie Albright series.

We had several really serious health challenges that ended on a high note: a niece with a vicious form of lung cancer who was cured with aggressive treatment, a nephew who emerged with treatable injuries after a boulder hit his head, another niece who will fully recover after the removal of a benign brain tumor lying in a dangerous location.

I have a busy year ahead. I'm always seized by unreasonable optimism this time of year. I love a New Year. I even love making resolutions. Every year I change something for the better. Maybe not as well or as consistently as I had envisioned, but the result is closer to the finish line than when I started.

As to the writing—well, where I want to end up would take another blog's worth of day-dreaming.

Happy New Year and thank you loyal readers of Type M. We have the most wonderful fans anywhere.

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