Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sometimes you just gotta face facts: there’s no time…

…for a thoughtful post on Type M, that is.

Various aspects of my life are colliding in a serious way this week. I feel like a juggler who’s barely handling three balls, then I get handed a fourth, and a fifth, aware that the whole shebang is going to crash to the ground in another moment.

But I can’t bring myself to shirk my responsibilities (no matter how hard I try). I also have a rainy day contingency store of things to share, and now seems like a good time to empty the vault, because man, oh man, it’s teeming out there!

Here are some clever things, puns, posters, and even the odd tip that I’ve clipped and saved for a moment just like this. Hope you enjoy ’em!

See you next week with something more “substantial” to digest.

And today’s helpful hint for all of you who are like me:

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