Wednesday, December 17, 2014

'Yis the season to be busy

Barbara here. I had intended to post a blog today about the holidays and how we writers fit them into our books. Inspector Green, being Jewish, celebrates Chanukah and Shabbat in various books in the series, but like most secular Jews in a diverse, largely non-Jewish environment, he happily remarks on and enjoys the trappings of Christmas and other traditions as well. Holidays are one of the elements of setting that help to ground a book and evoke a sense of time and place and connection in the reader. A sense of cheer and warmth and family tradition, but also frenetic preparation, crowds, and stress over details to make it perfect.

That frenetic pace caught up with me this week, as I prepare for children coming home for the holiday, Hanukah gifts and food, a vaguely clean house at least with the clumps of dog hair vacuumed up, and in the middle of it, some house renovations.

So the blog never got written, and I am left instead to dash off this quick note, at least twelve hours late, and several paragraphs short. Because in all the horrendous news of the past few days, I do want to spread some cheer and warmth. My heart breaks for all those who have suffered incalculable pain and who are left to pick up the pieces in a world that suddenly feels very dark

This season, however we celebrate it, should be about light and peace and hope. So I hope you all have a Happy Hanukah, Merry Christmas, and may the next year be a gentler, more compassionate year for all.

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Barbara Fradkin said...

Doh! You can see how busy I was. 'Tis the season to be busy! Silly fingers.