Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Marbled end papers

by Rick Blechta

I’m a bit rushed this week (and woefully short of ideas) but following on from a post I wrote nearly a year ago about hand-crafted leather bound books, I thought I’d cover those fabulously beautiful and intriguing marbleized end papers.

The function of end papers is to hide the join between the book’s bound pages and the  cover (as well as adding additional strength to the join). Marbleized end papers add an element of beauty, and because of the way they’re produced, uniqueness. All are different, so every book is different.

Here’s one way marbling is done. My wife and I have been in the shop where the video was shot and it is a lovely, lovely place if you’re a book nut like I am. I bought a leather bound journal (with marbleized end papers of course!) and is something of which I am very fond.

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