Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A dreaming breakthrough!

I may have mentioned it somewhere along the way on Type M, but I’ve been interested for a number of years in lucid dreaming. What is lucid dreaming? Well, reading this article will lay it all out for you: what-is-lucid-dreaming.html. I’ll wait here while you read it.

So there in a nutshell is what I’ve been trying to do (when I remember — which is one reason why it’s taken years for me to make the small advances in this technique). I can now pretty regularly wake myself up from dreams that are unpleasant or that I find annoying, you know, those dreams that keep going around and around. A few times I’ve been able to “wake up” inside a dream and actually make things happen. I have always particularly loved those dreams where I could fly. My best experience was becoming lucid during one of these and really being able to control my aerial adeptness, rather than struggling to stay aloft, which is the way these dreams usually proceed for me.

Last night, I was not sleeping well. I woke up and immediately my brain started turning over all the things I need to work on, thinking about problems I’m having, all those things that can make sleep nearly impossible. I would have gotten up but we had house guests so there was no place to go.

I decided to try one lucid dreaming technique I’d read about and set out to create a dream around me and drift off with it, staying lucid while it happened.

In short, it actually worked! I’ve probably tried this a hundred times over the years and never got anywhere. The dream state would either refuse to start (usually because other thoughts kept drifting into my head or I would simply just fall asleep. Early this morning, I entered a dream and as it took hold I found I could control nearly anything I wanted. It was as if I was in this imaginary world, but I was consciously “me” and able to do what I wanted, not like usual dreams where you sort of drift along and things happen to you over which you cannot exert any control.

And let me tell you, it was a very heady experience! The interesting thing was that my conscious mind turned this dream into a sort of spy thriller — and I was the spy! I was up against this multi-billionaire who was creating some sort of super weapon, assisted by a Dr. Nice (as in the city in France). It was my job to thwart them. I can’t tell you how it ended because my grandson downstairs started crying in the middle of it.

It could have been a novel…

Do any other Type M readers have any experience with this, or any knowledge/interest in lucid dreaming? Please weigh in. I’d love to hear what you have to say!

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