Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Great ways NOT to write a book

by Rick Blechta

I’m certain I am not alone among writers in admiring how well I’ve polished my procrastination skills to a fine sheen when I sit down to advance a work-in-progress. Not.

It’s incredible how things transpire against me some days. Right now, the Blue Jays are playing. Okay. I decided beforehand that I would have the game on, but the sound off and the browser window down on the dock (in other words, not viewable unless I make it so). Well, that lasted all of ten minutes. As a matter of fact, as I’m writing this, the sound is back on, but at least my text edit program is covering up the browser window.

As for the WIP, um, I wrote two sentences before realizing it was Tuesday and I hadn’t even thought about a topic for this weeks post!

Here are some other favourite pastimes for not writing a book:
  • Making dinner (or lunch or breakfast or a snack)
  • Remembering I didn’t fill the bird feeder
  • Answering the phone/door/an email petition
  • Taking a nap because all of a sudden I can’t keep my eyes open
  • Internet research for an upcoming plot point
  • Sharpening pencils (oh wait…I’m writing on the computer today)
  • Answering the phone and then talking at length
  • More internet research
  • Re-reading what I’ve already written
  • Writing a blog post I could have written over the weekend (and meant to – honest!)
You’re probably getting the picture. It’s easy to just not get it done. Why this happens I don’t know. The only cure for me is a cabin in the woods with no internet connection, ear plugs so I can’t hear that mysterious bird song I’d like to identify, no one around to talk with and no phone. Unfortunately that can’t happen to often because of other commitments.

Next up after writing this post is to spend at least an hour designing a really fine sign for the wall of my office: Just Write The Damn Book! If I execute the design in colour, that will also mean a trip to Staples. While I’m at it, I'll print out a fresh Round Tuit*. My current one is getting rather careworn.
*If you’d like your own Round Tuit, just leave a comment with your email address, and I’ll fire over a hi-res version that you can print out for yourself and all your friends.


Donis Casey said...

My house is never cleaner than when I ought to be writing.

Rick Blechta said...

Please come over and clean our house, too! I'll even make dinner!!

Roland Clarke said...

I used to have a ceramic Round Tuit, but it got broken so now I never do. Excuses are now less concrete. At least you got the post done. I'm meant to be writing a review but I have no Tuit.

Charlotte Hinger said...

And now it's time to get going on the garden. Darn.