Monday, January 01, 2018

Happy New Year's Resolution!

Have you made a New Year's resolution – apparently, we humans have been making them for over 4000 years? I usually make the same one: to try to be more gracious. This year I have a new one. My resolution is to learn Latin, or at least relearn it. Latin was my favourite subject at school.  I adored translating Ovid and Virgil and Cicero. I didn't carry on studying Latin after I left school because my mother said it was a frivolous subject.  My new classes start on the 5th of this month. Bring on the frivolity!

Happy 2018!

PS: It goes without saying I will continue to try to be more gracious 😉


Sybil Johnson said...

Happy New Year! Have fun re-learning Latin. I've studied Classical Greek, but not Latin. My Coptic and Ancient Egyptian are much better than either of those, though. No resolutions other than to finish the book I'm working on on time!

Marianne Wheelaghan said...

Happy New Year, Sybil, and good luck with the book :)

Arthur Kerns said...

Veni, vidi, vici. I still have a copy of that book.