Friday, December 30, 2016

Chaos and Clarity

This is my last post of the year. There have been times this year when I've felt as if we've all fallen down the rabbit hole with Alice. But my own year -- when I've been able to shut out the rancor and craziness -- has been "not bad". In fact, it's ending on several high notes, with my first series poised to make a comeback and my other writing projects receiving encouragement. During the last couple of months, my publicist has more than earned her retainer by setting me up with great radio interviews. I have been doing a better than usual job of balancing the different aspects of my life. In fact, the chaos all around me has given me more clarity about my roles as a criminal justice professor. Seeking distractions, I've gone back to activities that I enjoy such as trying out new recipes and moving furniture around. I've tried Zumba and remembered that I love to dance -- exercise that I can enjoy doing.

One task remains before the year ends. I needed to dive into the clutter that has accumulated in one room in my house. For weeks, I've been shoving everything into that room. Yesterday, I discovered to my distress, I can no longer walk through that room. I have reached the point when glancing into that room causes me anxiety, when I close the door if company is coming, and left a note to my pet sitter explaining that it's my staging area as I prepare for a junk pick-up. Yesterday, I scheduled the pick-up because the idea of going into 2017 with that room messing with my feng shui was too scary to contemplate.

As the year ends, I want to tie up as many of the loose ends from 2016 as I can. I want to get graded student papers into their mailbox, finish the revisions I promised on an article, and get all of my odds and ends from projects organized, so that from January 2 until school begins I can get serious work done. In this respect, the end of 2016 is no different than the end of any other year. But I need to end this year with as much serenity as possible.

I wish you all joy and peace in the coming year. May we each find our own sense of clarity and calm in the midst of chaos. May we -- and the world -- find an exit out of the rabbit hole.

Harry, my own Cheshire Cat, who was undeterred by his dental appointment on Wednesday (four teeth removed and he was still hungry when he got home) sends his best to one and all. His advice for 2017 -- never miss a meal or the opportunity to curl up for a nap on any convenient surface.


Donis Casey said...

I sympathize and empathize with your "clutter room distress". May your determination to clean up your act inspire me to do the same. Happy 2017, Frankie.

Mary J. Smith said...

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