Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Casting The Aurora Anderson Mysteries

It’s been fun to see the recent Type M posts on the actors my fellow writers would cast in the movie version of their books. I thought I’d get in on the discussion and talk about who I would cast for three of the characters in my Aurora Anderson mystery series.

I started thinking about this a couple years ago when an interviewer asked me that question. Some authors have particular actors in mind when they write their characters, but that’s not me. I do have a vision of what each one would look like, though.

So here are my selections for my main character, Aurora (Rory) Anderson, her BFF, Liz Dexter, and Detective Martin Green, the Vista Beach police detective who appears in all of the books.

Whoever plays Rory needs to be tall since she’s 6 feet. My choice is Mandy Moore who is in “This is Us”. She exudes a girl next door vibe, which is how I see Rory, and she’s fairly tall.

For Liz, I chose Kimiko Glenn best known for “Orange is the New Black”. I’ve never watched the show, but from what I can tell it’s not exactly a “cozy” storyline. Still, I saw an interview with her about “Waitress,” the musical she was in and thought she’d make a good Liz. They also have a similar mixed parentage.

For Detective Green, I chose Daniel Gillies who plays Elijah on “The Originals”/”The Vampire Diaries”. Dashing D as Liz calls him in the books is handsome and a tad shorter than Rory. I can see Daniel Gillies in the part. Well, I pretty much can see him in any role and I'd watch anything he's in.

I gave the above photo to a friend of mine who decided she was going to work on portraits of some of the characters in my books. After studying the descriptions in the books, talking with me about the characters and looking at the photo, here’s what she came up with for Rory.

I think it represents my vision of Rory pretty well. I’m really interested in seeing what she comes up with for some of the other characters.

This has been a fun exercise. I hope you all have a nice holiday. I’ll see you in the new year.

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