Tuesday, February 05, 2019

More thoughts on favourite months

by Rick Blechta

I found Aline’s post yesterday really interesting and it got me to cogitating.

If I had to pick a favourite month — or one that I find more interesting than the others — I think I’d have to nominate March. “March?” you say. “Dull month.”

Not so fast! I grew up just north of New York City and winter was pretty well done and dusted — to borrow a British term. Snowdrops were up and blooming under the saucer magnolia in the front yard. In the back yard our crocuses were doing their thing, and next door, their pussy willow tree was covered. (I’d sneak over and clip some when they weren’t looking, little scamp that I was.

That was my youth. Then I moved north to Canada during university and never went home. March in Toronto is certainly better than March in Montreal where I first lived, but it’s not as “friendly” as it was back home. We generally still have snow on the ground, certainly in the early part of the month and will experience some pretty cold temperatures. But the ground will have begun thawing and towards the end of the month, our crocuses and snowdrops will at least be poking their heads above the ground, harbingers of what will come in April — besides showers!

So from my youth I remember warm days, cool nights and the early plants blooming. In Toronto, my great joy is hearing melt water flowing. It can be in something as un-glamorous as a roadside catch basin, but hearing water moving means that winter’s grip is loosening and at long last there’s so much to be looking forward to just around the corner.

Let’s boil this down to the essence: March means hope to me — and I’m a hopeful person.

Out with it! What’s your favourite month?


Donna S said...

You can have March. I find it the heartbreak month because it gives you hope and then snatches it away - warmth and sun and flowers starting to peek up, then bam! cold and a wicked snowstorm.
Give me October any day. Days are still warm, nights are cool and there are no pesky bugs. The colours are spectacular, I like pumpkins and wheat sheaf decorations, the days are drawing in and thoughts of hunkering down for the winter flood your mind. But not yet!!! Halloween is fun and Thanksgiving is wonderful with the first turkey and pumpkin pie dinner, at least in Canada.

Sybil Johnson said...

March is my birthday month so of course I like it.