Friday, May 08, 2020

The New Normal

Colorado is now in a "partial reopening." I don't have the slightest idea what to do. The prohibitions have been in place just long enough to scare the hell out of me and change my behavior.

My state of mind isn't helped much by the dire news accounts of angry customers shooting clerks trying to enforce their company's mask policy. 

I've convinced that we will never return to the "old" normal. We certainly didn't after 9/11. It was a whole new ball game. We learned to accept tightened security measures and inspections. The "new normal" back then became policing children's safety at school and an enormous increase in people carrying guns. We were forced to absorb one mass shooting after another. Our country continued to function under the new rules. We became suspicious and vigilant. We also became more anxious. 

As is the case with most writers, self-isolation isn't as hard on me as it for people with extroverted personalities, although last Monday I went back to the regular routines that have always served me well. It was time to stop lying around.

Nevertheless, I'm feeling very vulnerable. I'm diabetic and if my miserable allergic responses to spring are any indication, I certainly have a compromised immune system. My age doesn't help ether.

This week I wrestled with melancholy. I was struck by our blogmaster, Rich Blechta's post. He said that nearly every musician was unemployed. I was stricken with the awareness that I couldn't go to Rocky Grass this year. It won't be happening! I recalled all the dances I've attended--the joy of music and concerts. Even if the events take place, I won't feel safe attending venues with large groups of people.

God speed to all the scientists who are struggling to develop a vaccine. 

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Donis Casey said...

My goodness, Charlotte, you have had such problems with medications in the past, anyway. Someone on facebook said that they wouldn't trust a vaccine that was rushed through without adequate testing, so I think I'll just be wearing masks and staying out of crowds for the foreseeable future. And just as I was thinking that my husband's health has improved enough that I could safely attend more conferences! Take good care. Miss seeing you.