Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Today's non-post

by Rick Blechta

Sorry about there being no post today. Here’s my excuse.

We preserve chopped tomatoes and tomato sauce every autumn, and while it’s not yet autumn, it is beginning to feel like it around these parts. Tomatoes are also hard to come by this year apparently because farmers only planted about 10% of their usual amount since they couldn’t be sure they could bring in enough people to harvest them. So we grabbed a few bushels when we could.

Problem is, we were going to start tomorrow and the weather is looking pretty iffy. We’ve done our preserving thing in the rain before, but it’s not nearly as enjoyable.

So we jumped our chopped tomatoes by a day and I’m currently in the thick of that with no time to write a post.

Just thought you should know.

Anybody up for a recipe post? I could do that pretty easily if you let me know right away. It would also use chopped tomatoes, I suppose.


Donis Casey said...

I'll look for a tomato post next week - some nice pictures too!

Rick Blechta said...

You betcha!

Thomas Kies said...

I love recipe posts!