Tuesday, October 11, 2022


 by Charlotte Hinger

It's that time of year again. All of my programs and activities have kicked into high gear. I'm already struggling to balance commitments and control anything that will conflict with my writing. 

Finding time to write has never been a problem. I simply do it the first thing in the morning and don't schedule appointments or meetings during this time. It's the business of writing such as marketing and promotion and writing organizations that take an extraordinary amount of time. I appreciate the friendships and the connections. Networking is important. I learn so much from other writers.

My Sister In Crime group meets once a month on Wednesday morning. If I'm beginning a first draft of a novel, I will skip the meeting, but I really hate to do this. It's a great group. 

I'm on the board of an organization that meets once a month in Denver: The Denver Woman's Press Club. This organization was founded in 1898. The date was not a typo. It began as a Suffrage Movement by a group of high society civic minded matrons who were influential in Denver. Everyone who is currently a member writes, or is a retired writer. The ladies' literary specialties are varied. The organization actively supports young author and is well known for the quality of its scholarship programs. I'm the assistant treasurer. That's how I ended on the board. The obligation comes with the territory. Who knew? I didn't, when I agreed to the position. Driving to Denver on I-25 is quite an undertaking. 

My Westerners International group has supported my writing by kindly sending my articles and my academic book to be judged for their awards. My article on Abram T. Hall won first place, and another on the Harlem Renaissance in the West, took third place. My academic book about Nicodemus won second place. I'm very grateful to this group and go to the monthly meeting whenever I can. 

Describing church related activities and other groups would involve another post.

And as for the young beauty whose picture heads this post--Francesca Michele Bell is my first great grandchild. 

Talk about a distraction!

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