Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I can’t believe we missed this!

by Rick Blechta

Last week I failed. It wasn't until Wednesday morning that I realized I'd totally forgotten that the previous day had been Tuesday and that I'd missed my slot on Type M. I don't believe that's happened in the nearly ten years we've been on the internet. Imagine my chagrin!

Well, this week isn't much better, but I did set my computer to remind me of the day and my obligations to Type M. So here I am.

Only problem is, I haven't given any thought to what I want to write about, but there is this:


Unfortunately, because I've been so preoccupied with other things, the anniversary date totally passed by without me noticing! Imagine, please, my extreme chagrin for that egregious oversight.

For those interested, we first graced cyberspace with a post by our founder, Miss Vicki Delany, on June 26, 2006. Here is the link: launching-first-entry-for-our-new-blog – if you care to read it. My first post (now-its-blechta’s-turn) appeared on July 12, 2006.

Since then, the guilty parties have changed a fair bit. I'm still here, as is Vicki (who was away on sabbatical for a short time before we coaxed her back). We currently have a terrific group of bloggers, some part of the scene for a number of years now. I don't know about you, but I've made some great friends on Type M – and I'm not just referring to my fellow blogmates and our guest authors.

The amazing fact is that we're still here. Most blogs don't last anywhere near this long. It's good to stand on the crest of the hill and see what we've done and all the (cyber) ink we've spilled in the process of sharing our thoughts. Sure, we have (and have had) a great group of writers, but the length of our lifespan is due to only one thing: our loyal readers who drop by frequently to read our deathless prose and comment on our thoughts of the day.

And to you, dear readers, we all extend our thanks!

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