Thursday, April 15, 2021

Monkey Mind

I've been reading my blogmates' entries about lockdowns with interest and sympathy and some fear. We are doing better here in Arizona, quarantine-wise. This sunny southwestern state has lifted its mandatory restrictions (though mask-wearing is widespread and still required by most public buildings and businesses). Outdoor temperatures hover around 90ยบ F for a high every day. My husband and I are fully vaccinated now, and I've actually gone out to eat with similarly vaccinated friends a couple of times. I've been asked to do a book talk at an outside library venue early next month and I said I'd love to. I see light at the end of the tunnel, though I expect I'll be wearing masks around strangers for the foreseeable future. 

It won't be long until our weather becomes so hot that doing anything outdoors for any length of time is impossible. I can only pray that when it happens we haven't become so cavalier in this state we have to lockdown again as well.

I'm already half-crazy as it is. 

When I was lunching with author friends yesterday, discussing our works-in-progress, as one does, I had to admit that I'm suffering from a bad case of monkey mind.  I have a finished manuscript awaiting acceptance, and in the meantime I'm trying to start another project – "trying" being the operative word, here. I've begun three different stories: another Alafair Tucker mystery, a fourth Bianca LaBelle Hollywood mystery, and a third novel that is so different from anything I've ever written I expect if I manage to finish it and find some way to get it published, I'll have to use a pseudonym. I can't concentrate on any of them for very long. I can't concentrate on anything for very long. 

I'm alarmed by my inability to stick with a thought. My poor mind jumps around from one thing to another like a monkey in a tree. I'd tell you more about it, but I have to do something else. Maybe later...

By the way, a lovely interview with me appeared April 9th at Marshal Zeringue’s Campaign for the American Reader in which I answered this very question and a few other fascinating queries about Valentino Will Die. You’ll be surprised at who I identify with…


Tanya said...

The Buddhist term monkey mind is the perfect description for the frustrating inability to concentrate and stay focused that so many of us are experiencing. Tough to get a normal amount of work done in a day. And even doing less feels so tiring.

In my area, it's been a real circus trying to get a vaccine appointment (hours and hours online for days on end), so that's added to the sense of anxiety. The J&J pause added another layer of complication (original appt. was cancelled and I had to scramble to find another). Finally scored an appt. in a town 45 minutes away and was grateful to get it.

Very happy that you've been able to emerge from the cocoon a bit and get out with friends. I'm looking forward to reading your interview as a pleasant diversion before I make myself get back to work!

Anonymous said...

As a loyal reader, Donis, when you CAN concentrate, I'd be so happy if Alafair was first on your mind. I miss that lady, and know she's been very active behind the scenes. It will be so good to catch up with her and the rest of the family, beyond Bianca. Glad for your renewed social outings--those help, I find.