Thursday, May 13, 2021

Life Adjustments

Charlotte's entry on Tuesday hit a nerve with me (Donis). My writing career has always been about as mid-list as one could get, but I was lucky to have a publisher who stuck with me through thick and thin because she liked my style and believed in my books. But I have a new publisher now to whom I seem to be an afterthought. Will I soon be an orphan author? I don't know. Trying to introduce a new series during a pandemic, when you cannot travel, go to conferences, do any in-person promoting, is not a good career move.

On top of everything, as I've mentioned before, I've been having attacks of vertigo for the past couple of months. They come out of nowhere and make me sick as a dog for the whole day. I had hoped it was positional vertigo, which is fixable with a simple exercise (Thanks, Charlotte). But I went to an audiologist who specializes in balance and vertigo problems, and after a long battery of tests, he suggested I have something called Meniere's disease, which is an inner ear problem that is not well understood and for which there is no good treatment. Of course!

It also affects my focus. Aside from being horribly unpleasant, I find I can't sit in front of the computer for very long without putting myself in danger of an attack. I have to limit my screen time, which is difficult if you're trying to write and are on a roll. I'll be checking with an eye doctor shortly.

So ... because one has to do something, I've been seeing an acupuncturist. It seems to help. 

Funny how things happen that force you to make changes in your life whether you want to or not. Perhaps if my publisher drops me, I'll find a new path - a new publisher, a new direction my writing, a whole new direction in my life. If I have to adjust to my new spinning reality, perhaps I'll go back to writing by hand, or find some dictation software like Dragon. Or learn to type efficiently with my eyes closed.

Or maybe I'll take up gardening or animal fostering.

  By the way, I'm still promoting my latest novel online as best I can, so if you're looking for a fun read set in Hollywood during the very Roaring Twenties, Dear Reader, pick up a copy of Valentino Will Die and immerse yourself in the glamorous world of the silent movies. It's available in paper, ebook, or audiobook.

And now I have to stop before my eyes start crossing. We authors thank you for your support. 


Donna S said...

Oh Donis, am so sorry to hear of your vertigo problems, it must be awful!

I enjoy your books very much - at least I sure liked the first set you did. Not sure about Hollywood in the 'twenties, not really my style. But I sure will give them a shot.

Hope things work out for you healthwise.

Anna said...

Donis, I hear you and sympathize. Only a few weeks ago I learned that I have a milder form of the same condition. Spinning was the most alarming manifestation, followed by discomfort at the computer (what a bummer for a writer!). All good wishes for your health and writing.

Donis Casey said...

Thanks, Donna and Anna. BTW, Donna, the new series is a spin-off of the old series.

Charlotte Hinger said...

Wow, Donis. I'm so sorry to hear that your condition wasn't positional vertigo, because it can be fixed. You've certainly been through the trials of Job. There's so many changes in publishing right now that it's hard to keep track of them.