Thursday, May 20, 2021

Squirrels and Notebooks

Most weeks in the Corrigan household are a little nutty –– part of that comes from living in a dorm with 50 teenagers; part of that comes from the Corrigan DNA. This week, though, took things to a different level.

My twelve-year-old Keeley found a baby squirrel, and it added to the craziness by joining the family for a few weeks as we got it ready to go off into the world on its own.

Between building squirrel houses and figuring out what 5-week-old squirrels eat (puppy formula, if you’re wondering), keeping the dog from doing what dogs want to do to squirrels, and getting Keeley prepared for it to leave . . . my post is late.

Aside from squirrels, I’m plotting a scene or two ahead in my journal and “writing” at the keyboard, nearing the midway (fingers crossed) point in the book I’m working on, which is also about a squirrely family at a boarding school.


Sybil Johnson said...

Squirrels are interesting. I was at UCLA once, eating outside, and saw a squirrel dive into a garbage can and come out with a slice of pizza. Then he scampered up a tree and placed the pizza on a branch up high. I presume to eat later. So, if you see a slice of pizza in a tree, a squirrel was probably involved.

Tanya said...

Your daughter is an angel for helping that baby squirrel. I know some people don't like squirrels hanging around their bird feeders, but I always make sure there is enough chow for everyone. Squirrels are very smart, terrific entertainment, and have made me laugh during these recent challenging times. If I don't put the morning seeds out by a certain time, one will sit on the deck railing outside my kitchen window, peering in with a look on his/her face that says "Get a move on, lady!" I don't mind being bossed around by such a cutie.