Tuesday, December 28, 2021

I got good reasons. Honest!

by Rick Blechta

I know I’ve missed two postings in a row and that’s never happened in over 15 years of posts here on Type M.

Two weeks ago it was because I was totally wrapped up in trying to finish a graphic design job that in retrospect I never should have agreed to do. My posting day just blew right by me before I knew it.

Last Tuesday was spent in a car driving to New York for Christmas with my wife’s 92-year-old mother as well as my brother and his family.

Unfortunately, my wife and I are now back in Toronto four days early because one of our relatives came down with Covid on Sunday. Being in another country and having Covid is not a thing I want to contemplate, so we threw everything into our car, and yesterday morning at 5 a.m. raced back to Toronto in order to get across the border before we started exhibiting any symptoms (or be contagious) since our exposure to this person was two days before. New we’re quarantining at home, waiting for the illness to show itself. 

I doubt very much we’ll dodge this bullet. Everyone we were with on Christmas Eve who had been together previously before we got together with them has come down with Covid. Every. Single. One. We thought we’d be safe because we’re all so careful. It was stupidly arrogant of us.

My wife and I have both had 3 Covid vaccinations, so we’re pretty sanguine about our chances, but we are still worried. The big one is my wife’s mother, regardless of the fact she is triple-vaccinated and in reasonable health. Ninety-two and Covid don’t mix really well.

Take this new Covid strain seriously, folks. It will find you and get you if you are not hyper-vigilant. If you haven’t bothered to get vaccinated, good luck to you. You’re playing a dangerous game. If you cannot get vaccinated for medical reasons, the only safe plan is to completely cut yourself off — and believe me, I feel for you.

It was my intention to close this post, my last of 2021, with the wish that we all find peace and happiness in the coming year, that things a year hence would find us all living our normal lives.

Now I’m just hoping that the last days of 2022 will find us all still here.


Thomas Kies said...

Fingers crossed everyone comes out of this with a minimum of problems.

Frankie Y. Bailey said...

Hoping you, your wife, and her mother all stay well.

Rick Blechta said...

Many thanks, Frankie and Tom. To say we're on edge would be putting it mildly.

So far, so good (Day 5). My MIL is being tested this afternoon and those results will be pretty critical. We're going to do a home test on Friday, which will be a week in, and then continue quarantining regardless of the results until we hit Day 10.

Rick Blechta said...


My wife's mother tested negative this afternoon, so she may well have dodged the bullet. For us, we both feel fine, but we won't be able to relax for several more days yet.

Fingers and toes still crossed!

ewelty said...

Hope you continue to show no symptoms and stay well.