Monday, January 03, 2022

New year, new beginnings (yeah, I know it's a cliche but it works)

Happy New Year to you all!

How many have made new year resolutions? 

My new year resolution is not to make new year resolutions, so I guess I've broken it already.

Some people look back at this time of year but I have learned that it's a bad habit, as Will Munny says in Unforgiven. I force myself to look forward. After all, look what happened to Lot's wife. 

It's natural to think about making changes at this time of year, whether it be appearance, circumstance or outlook. Those bad habits may die hard but sooner or later you have to stick a stake through their hearts. Things that aren't working have to be assessed and redefined. New beginnings kick off with that first step.

So, what is ahead for me?

A busy year, I think - and further details will emerge in a few weeks time. I have lots of writing to do and hopefully there will be festivals and events in libraries and bookshops. 

And because it's going to be extremely busy there are changes I will have to make changes to my daily routine. 

Basically, I will have to stop faffing around and get my butt in gear. My day will have to be structured in a way that it hasn't been since I stopped working for a living.

I also have to at least nod towards those new year regulars - losing weight and getting, if not fit, then at least fitter.

Don't get me wrong, I've not reached the stage where the scales groan when I stand on them but I do need to shed a few pounds.

As for the fitness side I'm ok for a guy of my advancing years but I'm not about to run any marathons. Or walk them. I think perhaps even crawling will be troublesome.

So I've begun monitoring my steps with one of those apps. You know, the ones that tell you if you've reached the 10k target. I did it on my first day so colour me self-satisfied. That was yesterday so we'll see how I do today.

Of course, walking Mickey (my dog) goes a long way in increasing the tally, as does climbing the stairs in my home. 

But that's not enough. I must do some exercises too.

There is one problem with that.

I'm a lazy cuss and I'd much rather sit on the couch and watch TV. I don't think working the remote counts as exercise.

So - my routine has to be up early. Write in the morning from 8am (or 9am at the latest). Make sure I hit or exceed my daily word count (ideally three thousand words. They don't need to be good, they just need to be written). Do whatever else I have to do in the afternoon - that may be other projects or, as I will be writing one book while editing another, doing those edits. 

Of course, there also has to be time to see to Tom and Mickey, clean the house, cook (those takeaways must stop), see friends, go shopping. All that jazz.

As we say in Glasgow, Come ahead if you think you're hard enough.


Alison Cross said...

Went out for my first jog for months this morning - didn't even trouble the mile and a half marker before I headed home. Structure is important, otherwise I just fritter my day away shouting at people on the internet.

Three thousand words a day is good - do you know what direction they are going in before you start (planner or pantser?) Ali Cross x

Anna said...

Stick a stake through the hearts of those bad habits? I feel a cartoon coming on. Or a poem. Or something. Something written. Something hard and purposeful, like a stake through the heart. Maybe even an essay or a short fiction. Thanks, Douglas.

Douglas Skelton said...

Go for it - thank you.