Monday, November 21, 2022

Breaking up is hard to do

 The thing about life is that things end. One season become another, one minute becomes another. Life goes its own inexorable way and there comes a time when we have to change.

As the saying goes, the moving finger writes, and having writ, moves on.

It's time for me, and my moving fingers, to move on.

As Neil Sedaka almost wrote, this will be our last post together.

I've been privileged to contribute meanderings here every second Monday for almost two years. I'm sure some have been more interesting than others. I'm also sure that's a highly sliding scale.

Workload, changing circumstances, the inability to simply organise my time properly mean that I have to reluctantly hand in my keys to the Type M executive washroom. 

I hope regular readers have enjoyed at least some of my monkeyshines.

I know I have. 

But the tra-la days are over and there's no other way for me to say goodbye but this -

Keep reading. Keep writing. And, if you can, keep smiling.


Charlotte Hinger said...

I've already bade my sad farewell to Douglas, with my best wishes. He knows he will be welcomed back with open arms at any time he would care to rejoin us.

Douglas Skelton said...

Thank you, Charlotte.

Anna said...

I've enjoy your posts tremendously, Douglas, and will miss the vignettes about yourself, your writing, and life in Scotland.

Douglas Skelton said...

Thank you, Anna, that's very kind and glad you've enjoyed my nonsense.

Thomas Kies said...

Sorry to see this, Douglas. I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts. Stay healthy and keep wirint!!!

Anonymous said...

I’ll miss you, Douglas.