Friday, December 11, 2015


Sorry folks. I intended to post a blog I thought you would all enjoy. But I can't stand to work on straightening out my computer one more time tonight.

Ironically I am confident that I will get on top of all this. What happened this time was the little Microsoft elf sneaked (or is it snuck--I know it's not snucked) into my house in the middle of the night and did an automatic update that just threw a thunderbolt through everything.

The update should have been a wonderful experience and was long anticipated. I subscribe to MS Office 365 and the darling little elf installed the whole entire MS 2016 suite. Unfortunately it knocked out my whole Outlook address book. Yes. It did. And of course totaled my enviable Christmas card list.

Having spent the better part of the year working on anger management skills-- I worked on these skills ferociously--I think I did quite well in controlling my temper. Unfortunately, a nasty side effect of banishing ill temper is that it is replaced with uncontrollable hysterics and extreme depression.

My problems were greatly multiplied by a really inept techy who blithely proceeded to uninstall and install all kinds of programs which made everything a great big huge mess. When she figured that out for herself she announced she was "elevating" my problem to the next level--her supervisor--who would really understand my problem. This meant of course, that she had not understood my problem from the very beginning. This was not a rational attitude. And certainly not a smart thing to say to a customer.

The guy that knew everything called the next morning and sure enough, cleared up everything in about five seconds. He explained that Outlook on Windows 10 was no longer compatible with Apple and that's why my address book had disappeared. "Goodbye. Is there anything else I can help you with?"

"Oh sir, don't go. Please don't go," I babbled. But it did no good. He was gone.

You would not believe how many systems were messed up. And that's why I simply could not scan this adorable little cartoon into my blog.

I know how disappointed my many, many adoring fans must be. Tough. See you next time.


Donis Casey said...

Dear Charlotte, you have my deepest sympathy on the loss of your data. The very idea makes my hair stand on end.

Charlotte Hinger said...

Oh the very best of news. As I finished my substitute blog last night, my little cartoon suddenly scanned. Out of the clear blue sky. I went to bed determined to call Comcast today. I turned off my computer. When I restarted the next morning, I noticed the little icon was wrong as it was a number of times when I turned it off and on.

It suddenly dawned on me what to try next. So here's what happened. That techy had set up an entire new user account just for herself and left me in it. When I finally managed to delete her account and log in under mine all of my settings were restored.

No address book of course. But I understand that Apple is working this out. It can't be too soon for me! I want companies to leave our computers along. I think you have an Apple. Good choice.

Rick Blechta said...

My hair would stand on end...if I still had it. Alas for that, too.

Bummer about the cartoon, though.

Charlotte Hinger said...

Rick the problem with Windows 10 is that not devices have caught up with it. I've read that the Apple update to work with the new program was released 4 days ago. But I'm afraid to try it.

What really bad about all of this, is that I usually think I'm doing something wrong. So I waste hours trying to fix stuff that is basically unfixable.