Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Running late

by Rick Blechta

I’ve had a long and trying day labouring in the bowels of the graphic design Pit of Despair. A few minutes ago, with a sigh of relief, I leaned back in my chair and figured my day was over.

Alas! I’d forgotten all about good ole Type M for Murder. Yikes! It’s Tuesday and I haven’t even thought about a topic for a post, let alone written one!

Tonight is the Crime Writers of Canada and SinC annual joint holiday party (no, we don’t together and smoke wacky tobaccy, but some have been known to raise a glass or two), so there’s no time to dash off a quick post.

I will leave you with this, and I think it’s pretty cute and appropriate.

See you next week!


Sybil Johnson said...

You made me laugh! Have fun at the party.

Donis Casey said...

They keep a spot open for me at all times in the Pit of Despair. Next time you're down there, take a seat next to me and we'll have a drink.

Rick Blechta said...

Actually, I swiped "Pit of Despair" from The Princess Bride.

Always steal from the best!